G.Barre- A full body workout working in progression from head to toe.  High repetitions and lower weights to generate a toning effect.  The ballet barre is used as support for toning exercises.  No prior dance experience needed.  Best way to build strength, flexibility and endurance by incorporating pilates and other influences.

Box- An exciting blend of cardio and shadow boxing with light handweights.   1.25hrs.  Always a good sweat.

Toning- A one hour class designed to sculpt and tone your body using various resistance and weight bearing exercises.  Perfect for all fitness levels.

Fat Burner- The best class of the week!  Burn off all the sins of the previous week and prepare for a fresh start.....

Cardio Express-  A 45 minute Cardio “pick me up” to keep you burning those calories!

Cardio and G.Barre- An invigorating blend of aerobic activity and traditional barre movements.  A perfect match for ultimate results.

Cardio Express Plus- Cardio Express plus abs and a stretch.

SmashUp- An amazing blend of everything!  Once you experience it, you will LOVE it....